UX focused software development

Enhance software usability through data and intuition factors

UX and Product Consulting

We help companies of any size design, test, and implement research based UX strategies. Starting from thumbnail sketches to development and extraction of visual design assets, we offer a complete solution.

Software Development

Phlint offers an end-to-end solution for mobile application development for the iOS and Android platforms. If your team is looking for a mobile software solution, we work closely with you to build it.

User research is at the core

We create a comprehensive usability analysis of your existing software flow and devise a strategy to reach your goals and fully engage users.

Capture insights to create goal-reaching impact - understand the mind of the user

Execute cross platform solutions - we build on top of your existing projects

Data driven creativity

Great experiences come from a combination of data collected from the user and intuition factors. The right dataset and User Experience strategy could optimize project impact.

Customized Solutions

Our team of engineers and designers develop product specific solutions on top of your existing platform. We work closely with you to ensure product-fit across your team and your users.


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