UX-Focused software for retail products

Result Driven Solutions

Customized software to highlight your products in the retail setting.

Device Specific

Product specific software created to increase delivery time and quality.

Targeted Feature Highlights

Customer specific feature highlights with loyalty discounts and promotions.

Sensitive Feature Restriction

Feature restrictions to ensure customer information is not compromised.

Analytics and Tracking Enabled

Detailed analytics and tracking information with remote monitoring.

Product Branded Software

Brand presence carried throughout the entire customer experience.

Remote Updates

Remote updates and promotions pushed directly to connected devices.

Hardware distribution driven timelines

The balance between great software and robust hardware can only be achieved with strong communication between both the developers and the manufacturers. We work closely with our partners to achieve high quality and tested software for hardware devices.

  • Strong client-manufacturer Relationship
  • Complete start-to-finish software solutions
  • Remote adjustments and software updates

User centered,

Usability is at the core of everything we do. In a retail environment where the consumer dictates the bottom line, it is important to understand and deliver an experience that is inviting and comfortable.

When creating retail-software for a new product, you are inviting users from another space to join your experience. This is why it is important to design software with a balance of Intuition Factors and User Research.

Phlint is committed to bringing the best overall experience to the user and to the manufacturer through research driven design, analytics, and a highly agile development process.

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