Data Driven Software for Retail

We collect data from your most curious customers

  • Capture hard-to-reach, granular data points at the shelf
  • Discover how customers engage with your product
  • Enhance endcaps to collect real time analytics

We Measure Curiosity

Learn from the customers who are closest to purchase consideration


Location based analytics that monitor retail performance


Identify which products and features garner the most attention


Capture exact session duration and level of interest


Pinpoint the successful retail interactions that spark conversion

These top companies are shelf-smart

Don’t leave data
on the shelf

Marketers aren’t collecting enough data to get the most out of their end-caps. More often than not, they leave essential data points on the table. Phlint analytics empower channel marketers with a completely new set of tools to measure success:

  • Learn from the customers who are closest to purchase consideration
  • Remotely distribute updates to better engage with customers
We capture the data points that make all the difference.

Usability and
Consumer Focused

Usability is at the core of everything we do. In a retail environment where the consumer dictates the bottom line, it is important to understand and deliver an experience that is inviting and comfortable.

When creating retail-software for a new product, you are inviting users from another space to join your experience. This is why it is important to design software with a balance of Intuition Factors and User Research.

Phlint is committed to bringing the best overall experience to the user and to the manufacturer through research driven design, analytics, and a highly agile development process.

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