Leverage Data
to Increase Sales

Retail analytics for in-store displays

Smart Display Solutions

Phlint technology allows marketers to measure, manage, and monitor their in-store retail displays. Currently running in over 30,000 stores, Smart Displays are equipped with interactive touch screens, beacon technologies, sensors and more.

Integral Data At
Your Fingertips

Phlint Dashboards gather information from your customer's journey through their in-store shopping experience. Visualize the insights that matter most and learn about the about the who, what, where, when, and why of your customers.

Optimize your Retail Channels

Bring the best experience to your customers while collecting valuable data


We work with your existing endcap manufacturers, staffing companies, and retail partners to develop your Smart Display.


Customers interact with the Smart Displays in-store. Data is collected from touch screen tablets embedded into the shelf.


Phlint Dashboards provide an overview of how customers interact with the Smart Display, which content performs the best per region, and delta in sales.


In the retail environment, customer experience and personalization dictate the bottom line. It is imperative for products and brands to understand their customers and respond accordingly. Product manufacturers in brick and mortar stores have the potential to collect far more data about their customers and what motivates them to make a purchase. Our team of software engineers, data scientists and analysts deliver the insights that allow brands to understand customers, optimize marketing, develop a strong brand image, and ultimately increase sales.

Customer Touchpoints

Collecting metrics in the brick and mortar setting