Revive the
Customer Experience

Extensive Retail Analytics for In-store Displays

Smart Displays are
the Future of Retail

In today's fast paced and mobile driven world, it is important to optimize and track as many data points as possible. This is a critical step in bringing the best experience to retail stores and promoted displays. Smart Displays are equipped with interactive touch screens, beacon technologies, proximity sensors and more.

Tools to Connect
the Dots

Phlint Dashboards provide key data points that extend beyond the reach of sales counts. Measure shopper duration, display engagement, interest in specific product features and more. We capture the data points that make all the difference.

Optimize your Retail Channels

Bring the best experience to your customers while collecting valuable data


Collect data from customers that interact directly with the shelf.

Consumer Behavior

Point of interest analytics allows channel marketing managers to understand the the precise consumer flow.

Remote Updates

Save time and money by updating retail display content for holidays and specials remotely. Virtually all displays under your direct control.

Display Maintenance

Monitor your endcaps remotely through Phlint dashboards. Pinpoint specific endcaps in stores that are reporting errors or offline.


We are user focused. In the retail space, where the customer dictates the bottom line, it is important to ensure that usability is key. Our team of software engineers, user researchers, and data analysts strive to bring the best experience customers in-store and channel marketing managers. We were founded on the principal of building great products, we would love to work with you to deliver software solutions for retail channels that help customers get to know brands and brands get to know customers.