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The information collected on this website will be used internally and not shared with any outside sources. When using this product, please submit applications that you are affiliated with or the owner of. Validation might be requested if we feel your submission does not meet this criteria. The comments and feedback belong to that of the reviewer and does not necessarily reflect the comments or feedback or opinions of Phlint, Inc., or its creators. If you have any questions regarding feedback, legalities, or additional information please contact us at +1 (408)357-0932 or by email at info@phlint.com

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Phlint, Inc, registered, San Mateo County, California. The purpose of the information in this document is intended to describe how we service our clients and use collected information. We will make every effort to follow the procedures described in the Legalities document. We may require information to comply with your requests. The Terms of Service and Legalities document will explain the general process we go through when working with a client for the different web services that we offer. By using the Phlint.com or any of the other services provided by Phlint, Inc. you are agreeing to our terms of service. Please note that we may change the Terms of Service and Legalities document at any time without notice. Please check this page frequently to view any updated information.

845 Market St
Suite 450
San Francisco, CA

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